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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2010 6:00am-6:30am PST

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[applause]. [music]
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[applause]. >> thank you. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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>> thank you, i am very excited and honored to perform a song. it's particularly, the intimacy of the body. i work as a physician as well and had i heard this poem, it made me feel that profoundness for the body. but for the body of sensations and of a lover. it's a very intimate and beautiful song. [music]
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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>> the person i am excited to meet her. her book is called, my miserable, lonely lesbian pregnancy. please, partake our free pens. andrea. >> thank you for wearing my buttons. it comforts me to see sad faces.
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my miserable, lonly lesbian pregnancy. tonight i am going to read, to snip or not to snip. >> conception. i drive to the california cryo bank. there's no waiting room. just a glass window. a woman changes me $350. a vile half the size of my pinkie encased. this way up. i head to the clinic. i carry the sperm box inside. it's unwieldy. this is my second attempt.
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so i know the routine. the first time, i brought my friend. even some crouch shots. most people don't get good shots of conception. i feel confident this time, like i'm doing my part in the world. the war in iraq started. may be this kid will be a piece maker, a modern day jesus christ as this jew understands jesus. i don't know


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